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July 3rd, 2015

02:42 pm - an update
Historically, especially in my teenage years, I used LJ as a place to vent. But, rereading it, I see that it stands (not only as testament to my whiny, angst-ridden young adulthood) as a record of my thoughts, hopes, dreams, fears, etc. and is worth maintaining because it is a reminder of my self (even if my self happens to frequently come across as a whiny brat...)

So, I am two days into my last 6 month term at Western Governor's University (an inexpensive, non-profit, accredited university which will hopefully get me where I want to go but which I wouldn't recommend to anyone else because of the bureaucratic nonsense, especially financial, I have to deal with) and will hopefully be receiving my MAT and certification in elementary education when it is over. This may not have been my "big dream" when I was young, but components are still there. I value education and I want to make a difference. Let's see if I can.
Current Mood: determineddetermined

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March 26th, 2012

08:22 pm
heart hurts
i think it may be broken
Current Mood: sadsad

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February 19th, 2012

11:03 pm
tired, poor, sick
but a new lamb was born today
the sun was shining
Tic is purring, Ferdy and the cats are on the porch
and I'm still here
28 years tomorrow
Current Mood: tiredtired

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June 28th, 2011

09:18 pm
Year One as an Inclusion Helper down. I'm surprised by how much I liked working with Kindergartners. I'll miss my kids this summer. And half of them are going to a new school next year. :( But, looking forward to the summer anyway. Half days at a different school leave plenty of time to garden and cook and read.
Current Mood: contentcontent

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April 24th, 2010

07:49 pm
Working 10pm-6:30am for the next two months. Yay... :-P
Current Mood: tiredtired

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October 5th, 2009

09:09 am
I need a job. :(

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May 29th, 2009

12:40 am
lj, i don't know you anymore
Current Mood: sleepysleepy

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12:31 am
Current Mood: weirdobsessed

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July 16th, 2008

01:40 pm
I had a dream in which little children had to be incubated before they were really alive, and the top half of their heads was made of souffle, and you could tell if they were good or bad by whether or not the souffle had risen during their incubation.
Current Music: tin pan alley - stevie ray vaughan & double trouble

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December 22nd, 2007

06:58 am
i have my very own fax machine
it's fun
off to ohio
christmas with grandma
Current Mood: okayokay

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